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I will not hesitate contacting you again, if I am going another time.

Hi Jakob.

First, I would like to thank you for your help with my trip to Thailand in January/the beginning of February. We had a fantastic trip, not least because of the days in Bangkok, where you assisted us with a great trip to Riwer Kwai, the Tiger Temple, elephant riding, bamboo rafting etc. The day was perfect and we all feel that we really got something out of it. A really cool program.

I will not hesitate contacting you again, if I am going another time. Regarding the trip, I would like to just add a comment to the guide.

From what I could understand, he was a kind of a freelance guide working a bit where needed. The name was Natnipon Nimnual. We have nothing but high high praise and fine words to say about him. He helped making the day really good, as he had great knowledge about many things, he could answer pretty much anything we asked. At the same time, he speaks incredibly good English compared to what you sometimes (often) experience in Thailand.

He seemed outgoing, spoke with passion in his voice and addressed all issues we brought up. One also felt that he was familiar with the things we saw on the trip and told many good and funny stories along the way. You can be very proud of him and completely confident using him for Sawan excursions another time. Should you make use of him again or get in touch with him again, please send my greeting and praise. He deserves it.

Once again, thanks you very much for helping.

Sincerely/Best regards
Thomas Schmidt

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