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Praise for a well-planned Thailand trip

Hi Jakob.

Well back from a wonderful holiday, I would like to put in a few words about the trip, useful to promote new customers.

First the bike ride. Everybody agreed that it was an experience out of the ordinary with the sight/smell senses being tested. The length of the tour okay and the guide outstanding.

Grand Palace, boat ride etc., car on time and unbelievably friendly, trusting and very knowledgeable female guide in her prime - excellent experience.

Moving to Chiang Mai, where I can recommend the hotel (Kodchasri), where we stayed for one night - wonderfully cozy.

Was met at the airport by our guide Wiwhat (?), who took us to the hotel and again the next morning by car and with driver taking us north to countless new experiences, that we felt enriched us enormously. Quite luxurious with a private car, accompanied by two incredibly friendly people. Both very recommendable with the guide speaking perfect English, knowledgeable about the areas we were in and both with excellent manners and very helpful.

Everything you planned was top notch - therefore highly recommendable.

All agreements were kept, from drivers to guides and hotels (excellent).

Otherwise, merry Christmas and Happy New Year



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