Enormous tourism potential in Burma

Many people in the travel industry believe Burma has great potential as a destination for tourists. If the political situation in Burma changes, the country will be high on the list of favorite destinations. The country has rich culture, magnificent scenery, a hospitable population, superb beaches and is the immediate neighbor to Thailand.
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Thai Airways is on the rise again

After a record loss in 2009, it now seems Thai Airways is on the rise again buying new aircrafts. The airline uses a relatively old fleet. Thai Airways is controlled by the Government of Thailand. “We need to have new airplanes, if we are to compete,” says CEO Piyasuhsti Amranand, who is also former Minister of Energy in Thailand.
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Thailand is very popular among Danes

Thailand is very popular among Danes

In relation to population, Denmark is at the top with Sweden and Norway, when it comes to traveling to Thailand. This result comes from the latest statistics from Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism. About 152 000 Danes traveled to Thailand in 2010.

Thousands of people from Scandinavia are drawn to Thailand’s culture and warm climate. In relation to population size, Denmark is among the top with the neighboring countries, Sweden and Norway, when traveling to this beautiful country.

This is according to the most recent published statistics from Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports.
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Khao Sok National Park – One of Thailand’s most beautiful places

Khao Sok – One of Thailand’s most beautiful places

One of the great experiences in Thailand is called Khao Sok. When staying in this national park, only one question comes to mind; Why are there not more people and why is this area not world famous? You will probably not find the answer, so at the risk of revealing a big secret, here is our recommendation. Do not leave out Khao Sok, if heading south on your Thailand trip.

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Turtle Island Borneo

Turtle Island Borneo

Turtle Island is a “once in a lifetime” experience and it is almost unnecessary to write that it is a fantastic experience for children to attend.
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Train travel in Thailand

Train travel in Thailand – When transport becomes an experience

Traveling by train is always a special experience when you are in a foreign country, especially in Thailand. Do not miss out on a train ride if possible with your itinerary.

The night train north to Chiang Mai and the night train south, connecting the islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangnan and Koh Samui, are probably the most popular routes.

From Silom Road where most people live, you take a taxi with taxi meter for about 3 km or 50-60 Thai Baht to not the most beautiful although characteristic Hualompong train station. It is pronounced as it is spelled – almost.

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