Payment terms

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We always aim to have our deals and offers up-to-date. However, price changes may occur, if we have not yet managed to update the price, if prices from our partners suddenly change or because of large fluctuations in the exchange rate.

All prices on our website are in Thai Baht (THB) or US dollars (USD).

We offer the following payment methods prior to arrival:

1. Bank transfer to out Thai account.
– We will send account details by email
2. Via PayPal for an additional service fee of 4%.
– We will send payment link by email. Amounts up to 20.000 THB (regardless of currency) are cheaper to pay by credit card / PayPal. Amounts higher than 20.000 THB are often cheaper by transfer to Thailand.


Please note, a 4% fee will be added and is to be paid by the customer.Link to the payment page will be sent by email.

Bank transfer to the following account in Thailand


The following fees are added, when transferring to our account in Thailand:
Commission to the National Bank
450 THB per transfer
Single commission to our bank
150 THB per transfer
Additional expenses
15 THB per 10,000 transfer

Please note that banks in Thailand charge a fee/commission. All costs are to be paid by the customer. A transfer to Thailand is expected to cost about 800 THB.
Typically, a money transfer to Thailand takes between 3-5 working days, because the Thai banks put a temporary hold on the money.

Examples on fees by transferring to Thailand
Invoice for 100000 THB: 450 THB + 150 THB + (10 * 15 THB) = 750 THB
Invoice for 45000 THB: 450 THB + 150 + (4,5 * 15 THB) = 667,5 THB
Invoice for 12500 THB: 450 THB + 150 + (1,25 * 15 THB) = 618,75 THB
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As shown, there are fairly big expenses when receiving money in Thailand. We therefore have to charge for any transfer fees. Not to be small-minded, but because we can lose a lot of money by paying the cost of transfers.
Booking and payment of Thailand transfers:
Taxi and transfer cancellation Cancellation fee
More than 24 hours before the transfer
If canceling up to 24 hours prior to arrival – 500 THB administration fee
12-24 hours before the transfer
If canceling within 12 to 24 hours prior to arrival – 50% – minimum 500 THB
Less than 12 hours before the transfer
Full payment
Full payment
Order of golf and excursions in general:

Once we have confirmed the booking, we will request a deposit of 25% of the total amount.

The outstanding balance of 75% is to be paid 14 days prior, after which we will issue vouchers and send them electronically in PDF format.

By cancellation, we will refund:

50% of your payment when canceled up to 24 hours prior to the excursion or tee time.
Generally, there is no reimbursement for later cancellation.

Booking of hotel, packages etc. in general:

No fee for booking, which is not confirmed.

Once the booking is confirmed, a 25-30% deposit or full payment is charged.

Any outstanding amount is to be paid about 6 weeks prior to arrival, after which we will issue vouchers and send them electronically in PDF format.

Season Cancellation fee
– If the cancellation is made up to 45 days prior to arrival – 1 night
– More than 45 days prior to arrival – Full payment
– If the cancellation is made 31 days before arrival – 1 night
– More than 31 days before arrival – Full payment
– – If the cancellation is made 21 days before arrival -1 night
– More than 21 days before arrival – Full payment
Full payment

Credit card fee, service fee and deposit can under no circumstances be refunded

Be aware, many hotels and events in Thailand must be paid in full up to a month in advance.
We therefore advise all our guests to buy travel insurance also covering hotel cancellation and other non-refundables. This insurance can be bought as a supplement at many agencies. For hotel bookings on one of the islands, we are under no circumstance responsible for any missed ferry connections or similar. A last-minute cancellation will not be accepted. If we have to pay the hotel – you have to pay us.

For your own sake, please let us know as early as possible if you change your travel plans so you will not be charged the cancellation fee.

A refund will always be through a bank transfer or PayPal.

If you would like to extend your stay:

Contact us, if you would like to extend your stay. If you contact the hotel directly, you will be charged the original price of the hotel and will not benefit from our favorable prices.

If you want to shorten your stay:

We wish, we could be flexible in this area, but it is unfortunately not possible. As a travel agent, Thailand Tours needs to follow the policy of the hotel. It depends on each hotel policy as to whether a refund will be given or not.

No Show (Not using the booking):

If you unexpectedly are not using your hotel booking and have not canceled your booking, you will not get a refund. The hotel has received the booking and often the full payment prior to check-in. They will keep the room until your arrival or until notified otherwise.

Available rooms can change on a daily basis and often from hour to hour. Not all hotels and resorts accept a reservation without a deposit or even full payment. If receiving a payment or deposit too late, we reserve the right to either reject your payment or find a different hotel. If you do not want a different hotel, we will reject the full payment.

Deposit in general:

For a bigger booking and/or a package trip, we often require a deposit of about 25% of the total amount.
Please note that the deposit will not be refunded by cancellation.
We recommend our costumers to buy cancellation insurance.

Change of booking fee in general:

It often requires a lot of work when changing a booking. We are willing to change the booking whenever feasible for a fee of 1000 THB. Please note that any hotel changes, such as cancellation of one or more rooms or change of the period, are considered a cancellation and will be charged a fee.

During your holiday:

We will be happy organizing excursions, golf, tours, various transportation, hotel stay or housing rentals around Thailand. You can always contact us by telephone or by mail.

We look forward to helping you.